FOs !!!

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I spun the yarn above with Romney X Wool. This is the first yarn I have ever spun, and I used a top whorl drop spindle that I made with a dowel and a CD and a few other odds and ends. The link to the website with the guidelines for making the CD Spindle is here. As much as I like my CD Spindle I am trying my hand at making my own wooden spindle. When I am finished I will post photos of it.
I think I might have over spun the fiber a bit too much, but I like the look of it. It has a variegated texture which is what usually attracts me to the yarns I purchase. I have read that spinners tend to spin by feel, and if that is so, I may have not done such a bad job after all. The small hank is about 50 yards and the larger is about 130 yards. It only took me a few days to spin both of these. However, I spent all my free time those four days spinning! I have discovered a new outlet for my fiber obsession :)) Now, when I get burnt out on knitting or crochet, I can SPIN!!!! This photo below is the roving I used to spin the yarn above. There was still a bit of VM present, but nothing I couldn't take care of as I drafted. I would recommend spinning by hand to anyone who has not yet done so, I found it extremely relaxing.

Here we have "molly", so named by my "little"(she's not so little any more:p) helper! Here molly is still in pieces, but has since been finished and sewn together. A loves this little cutie, she was fun to crochet and very easy to construct; the hardest part for me was sewing on the appendages. Those little suckers just wouldn't stay put! She was made all from stash yarn, I think it is Caron Simply Soft, or so it feels:) The link for the pattern to make this doll is here. We have still yet to make the matching dress, but it's on my ever growing to-do list.

I have recently gotten some beautiful natural grey 100% Corriedale Top Roving from The Special Tea Shop. I made an oopsie when I placed my bid and thought I was bidding one amount for 2 items and it turned out the amount was for each item. The owner was so nice and instead of sending me 8oz sent almost 16oz. That was was very kind and fair. Her shop on ebay is here, if anyone is interested. This wool is so soft! I love it the way it is, I almost hate to spin it. Haha, yeah right, of course I will. It will make the most wonderful yarn.