I Heart Faces Entry

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This is my first time participating in an i heart faces contest. Here is my entry for the week 14 contest for Easter/Spring. This little peach is Em she is my cousin's daughter. This photo was taken last Easter at our town Egg Hunt at the local park.
I can't decide if she or A photograph better. They are my two favorite faces. I guess I need to post more pics of A. You can't really compare the two though. A is so light and fair and Em is dark and naturally tan. They are true beauties and the only thing better than photographs of each of them is photos of them together. Can you tell I'm biased. I ain't denyin'. :))


Melinda said...

I can see why she's one of your favorites to photograph! She has beautiful eyes!

Melinda B

pam said...

Great shot!! Lovely girl.

drewmark19 said...

I love how she looked straight at you and gave you a perfect shot of her beautiful eyes. I hope you'll continue to keep entering in this fun contest!

Amanda said...

Shes a cutie!

Fun picture!

God bless-