Pulling Out My Hair

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I have decided to change my blog template. I like this one better, it feels like "me". Problem is I am a total beginner at this stuff. Html and computer speak is way out of my league. It's coming slowly but surely. I am having a bit of trouble with the links under the header they don't seem to line up right. The "home" button links to "about" and "about" to "contacts".... crazy stuff like that. I know how to do bits and peices of this but putting it all together is really throwing me. If I could take out the home, about, contact, and FAQ I would. I'm just not sure how and it's driving me INSANE!! Not that I've not been on that road for some time now, but still. Oh well, I'll fiqure it out. Please bear with me until then.

In other news, I have finished a couple of potholders for the swap. They seem a little plain to me. I might find a new pattern, though it's coming down to the wire. I just can't contribute something I'M not totally happy with. I'll post photos here tomorrow and over @ the swap blog to try to get some feedback. I tend to be over critical of myself...and have been told on many occasion that I don't know how to take a compliment(thanks hun:))

We'll see. I do like the colors I chose though. They remind me of the desert and southwest, which is what I was going for so that's in their favor. I ordered yarn from Elann but when it arrived it screamed dishtowels...what'a a girl to do? The yarn speaks and I listen. I'll post Wip's of those soon too. Listen to me...what a tease you say? Well, I can't help my nature ;) Til' tommorow....