A Snail Issue..and Potholders

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My easy going , unbearably neat freak of a daughter has mutated! I SWEAR!!! She has turned into a snail. She has started to leave a trail of slime everywhere she goes. It's disgusting, and she hates it even more than me. Every ten minutes she wants me to clean the saliva out of her mouth. Do you know how gross the human mouth is? And she wants me to put my hand in there!?! It's a good thing I keep rubber gloves on hand, and where the hell is that bulb syringe when you need it? I had it only this weekend, it must be close...mocking me. Can you tell it's been stressful here today? My drama queen and I don't handle stress well...we'll work on that. In case you were actually wondering her top front permanent teeth are gracing us with their presence. Yipee!! A is a bear and I want to crawl in my bed and curl up in a ball and bawl. Then I hear it....MOOOMMMEEEE (every four minutes).

I quit trying to fight with html and found a new template I like better. The best part is that it was super easy to get going. Every thing is well in blogger land again. I got to the point that I didn't even want to look at my computer, screw html. I'm happy again.

These are the potholders I've done so far for the swap. After looking at the photos I like them more, weird eh? That's me :)) The pattern is Southwestern Duo Potholders. I only did the full circle style and not the crescent. I used Sugar 'n Cream for the bold primary colors and I Love This Cotton in Taupe Ombre I had in my stash for the variegated colorway. These totally remind me of the southwest US. I was going for a mexican/deserty feel. I really like these and I hope whoever gets them likes them too. They measure approximately 9" in diameter(not including the loop. So they are well within to 6-12" restricions. I initially bought cotton yarn from Elann, but when it arrived I decided it was too thin for potholders. They should be thick and safe. So what do you think?