Eggstra, Eggstra

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I hope everyone had a very Happy Easter and continues to have a great Spring. We had a good weekend, considering A had a bad cold, I've had hives (severe allergies..boohoo) and the Telephone Guy got called in to work until 2PM on Easter...woohoo...hohumm! We made the best of it anyway! A and I got up and made Sticky Buns, yumm! While waiting for those to bake, we made these cuties! I found this tutorial on (Oh yeah,I heart martha!), and A's all about crafts so of course I dove right in. Just a little tip, if you're planning to "blow out" eggs, use a bulb syringe. By the time I was finished blowing on nine of those little suckers my lungs were ablaze! Of course, if I had bothered to even look @ the instructions I would have know to get the syringe. Hey, though, that's not my style...I see something cute and promptly do it my own way,which is usually the hardest.

I made nine eggs figuring A would break atleast half of them, yet no matter how many times we (as in she) dropped one (about fifty....thousand) they held up pretty well. We only broke one...Yay! :)) The materials we used were mostly felt cut-outs and abit of left over fiber fill for the tufts of hair on the chicks. Good ole' Martha has a lot of templates for the beaks, and feet and such, but in true Mandy form I just free handed them. Honestly though they're pretty simple, a child could probably draw these. For glue I use Crafter's Pick The Ultimate craft glue. A likes the rings that come in the egg dying kits so she decorated her egg animals with them aren't they cute!!!! Aww, there's nothing like a mother's love!

Here's her Easter Basket. I pretty much went with craft items and little easter toys and only a bit of candy, totally opposite of last year (below) which gave birth to a bohemoth of a basket. I swear, that I will NEVER do again. I think I went a little crazy. No child should have a basket like that. Hell, five kids shouldn't have a basket like that. No matter how I tried to justify it (she deserves it, this is the first year she is interested...blah, blah, blah) I feel like an idiot. I'll not even disclose the amount spent on it. It's embarassing.

That being said, I am really happy with this years basket, and so is A. By, the time The Guy got home she was crazy with anticipation. All in all, we had a Happy Holiday. I hope your's was great too.