Life, Love, and a Potholder Swap

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Hi all, My baby girl just lost her fifth tooth, on top, and very noticeable! Ready for the crazy part? A has not turned five yet! She started loosing her four bottom front teeth two weeks before she turned four...i know! They have all come in very fast. She's already 46" tall, too! I feel like I live in an alternate reality, kids just aren't supposed to grow this fast! It's not fair my baby is getting big way too fast! I guess I should have thought about that before I married a 6'3" giant...LOL! And me, a measley 5'3 AND 3/4 "! Oh well, at least he (and soon they) can reach the top shelf for me;)

In other news, I joined a potholder swap! It's my first, and I'm excited. I love knitting potholders. Talk about super fast gratification! I have lots of potholders and tend to give many of them to family, but that never happens until I'm ready to part with them (many, moons). It will be nice to have a quick answer for the Guy when he asks why I am knitting another potholder. :) Now I just need to decide if I'll use the new hand spun Romney wool I just finished or cotton from my stash. Ahh, decisions, decisions!


Donna said...

Not even five? Wow! I can't even imagine losing teeth so soon. I hope you're not buying her first training bra before she gets the training wheels off of her bike!